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ABOUT Blossom 

International speaker, coach & MISCHIEF MAKER

I am Blossom Benedict 
Blossom Benedict is an ardent writer, coach and speaker and who spends her life diving deeply into what it takes to live a more present, authentic and joyful life. Believing that anyone can give advice, Blossom’s approach is to go into the trenches, do the work herself, and share the vulnerable, uncomfortable, messy but often times surprisingly magical results that bubble up along the way.

Blossom is dedicated to the idea that in order to change the violence, judgment and hatred in the world, we must each first change it within ourself. This mammoth task she takes up in her own life with honesty and vigor.

Blossom’s life has given her plenty of material to work with: a homeless father, family alcoholism, a childhood on a commune, a history of illness, a propensity for perfection, poverty consciousness and a bit of a superiority complex are just some of the stories that show up through her ongoing quest to live a more conscious, present, authentic, life giving existence.

Blossom was the lead Facilitator of Right Voice For You for eight years where she conducted workshops and trained facilitators in over 20 countries. She also studied and taught Access Consciousness workshops for many years. Traces of those tools can be found in the work she now conducts.

Quite comfortable in front of the camera, Blossom has been featured on MariaShriver.comAskmen.comSunshine Coast DailyABC RadioRadio One, and Channel 7’s The Morning Show.  Blossom had her own radio show The Lightness of Change for two years, on World Puja & Healthy Life. Her short film Greater Than Yesterday is available in 12 languages. Blossom spends her life traveling the world, helping others access their own power so they can live the lives they truly want. And she loves every magical minute of it!

- My Personal Story -

My Personal Story
I’ll be honest, I’m in a strange space right now. 

I have always been a seeker. Always did things different than anyone around me. (P.S. You have too. But more on that later). 

This space I’m in… I’m pretty sure it’s what some people describe as "waking up”, or “dying to self”, or "letting the ego die". Whatever you call it, I’m a bit fragile and awkward and wobbly. From this place, the only things I know how to do is go to silence and stillness… or to write. 

This site exists for the latter. 

I’ll tell you what happened. Briefly if I can. 

I was a pretty magical kid. 

But somewhere along the way I bought the lie that the most important thing, was more. And that the most important person, was me. 

So in my early twenties, when I found a particular set of consciousness tools that told me I could create anything I wanted, I used them. I used them to create more. And I did. 

I became certified in that modality and travelled the world. I changed my body, my relationships and my health. My seminars started filling up. My mailing list grew. I met a lot of people and made a lot of money. 

I got married. That was strangely easy. We got two dogs, a horse ranch, a beach house, a grand piano, a pretty car. That list of my “more" was pretty complete.

I did other things in those years too. Things that make me sound like a better person. I raised money for orphan rhinos, worked to save the ancient trees of the world, gave empowering online workshops, many for free. And people really did change. 

But then recently, through a series of pretty uncomfortable events, I was forced to ask some pretty ballsy and unflattering questions. Questions about myself. 

And what came up was really that my heart just wasn’t in the right place. A lot of what I was doing was really for and about me. The attention it gave me. The money I made. How it made me look or feel. It wasn’t for and about oneness much at all. 

And with that realization, it all just started to crack. 

I was twelve years into facilitating consciousness when I suddenly got how much I didn’t know. There were all sorts of things I had been telling people that I actually wasn’t even sure were true. I didn’t like it. And for the first time ever, I didn’t know how much I even liked me. 

The beautiful thing about awareness is, you can’t change something until you are aware of it. And once you are aware of something, there is pretty much nothing you can’t eventually change. (Or at least I’m betting on that one still being true). 

The last six months have led me to the mystics. And to the profits and saints. It has led me to the contemplative branches of many world religions and to stillness and prayer. It’s led me to darker parts of me than I knew about, and also to brighter glimpses of light. It has led me to meditation and questions and hope.

So that is where you’ve found me today. Deep in the trenches of figuring out what it is to be a decent person. To care about others. To truly give up judgment. To be in touch with the divine. And I do it through writing and videos and chatting with you. 

This blog is not filled with answers. It is not neat or tidy. 

It is questions and confessions and discoveries of one tenacious seeker. Determined to live a more connected and present and fully alive life.

(Oh, and the older posts you’ll find some useful stuff too. Just make sure to ask if it’s true for you. Cause life is one big question these days. I think it should be.) 

If you are are seeker, I invite you to travel along side me. Wonder with me. Explore. I have no quick fixes or promises, but I am here. I get how messy and vulnerable this journey can be. And I truly do care.
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  • Blossom is truly an invitation to something different!
    - Eric Barranco -
  • Blossom is a master at asking the questions to bring up the energy wanting to be cleared and released. My body feels lighter and moves easier as a result of the tele calls and clearing statements. Thank -you Blossom!

    - Gigi Houske -
  • Hi Blossom,
    I am a new woman this week! I am seeing who I am, really for the first time. Thanks for such a fabulous session!

    - Julia Sotas -
  • This Lady is amazing. Personally I have noticed huge changes in myself after taking her classes. My need for validation from others has almost ceased to exist, I have more ease promoting my art, my singing voice is freer and I'm more willing to be seen and heard.
    I have achieved more freedom in my range and in my confidence with one three day class than I had with 13 years of vocal coaching. How does it get even better than that? What else is possible? If you get the chance I highly recommend her classes.
    She is so much fun and so very kind in an area most people find terrifying.

    - Simone Padur -
  • Blossom’s classes are like an appearance of a gentle conversation and a few fun exercises but thrumming beneath is a potency that if chosen can change everything. As she plays around morphing her self into what ever is required of her you will be drawn to play along. In short, this class is everything you choose it to be.

    - Cassy Srepel -
    Stephen Outram
    - Stephen Outram -
  • The awareness I received from sitting in on the class and the tools Blossom shared gave me the confidence to speak up in meetings at work and be seen for the first time in my career. This was at a time when everyone was getting laid off and in fear of losing their job. The potency and confidence that I embodied after this class resulted in a promotion and a 35% raise. That is not supposed to be possible. Thanks to Blossom and her unique way of facilitating I finally became confident enough to actually use my voice. What else is possible?

    - Megan Hill -
  • Fantastic learning from you. You're pretty ridiculous - I'm fairly certain that the "ripple effects" from the event have shifted the trajectory of my life and business :) Totally grateful that we met and I'm curious to see how much more magic you'll create in the world. Thank you for the passion, the style, the brilliance and the immense beauty you radiated.

    - George Ira Carol -
  • Blossom is one of those incredibly rare people on this planet who invites you to step into everything you knew was possible for you. Her kindness, gentleness, and true caring is something to experience!

    - Cynthia Torp -
  • This class was so much fun. At first I was nervous as I knew I was going to sing in front of people and all my life I've being judged for having not a pretty voice.... and then when it was my turn Blossom made it so easy for me to play with it... the seriousness of a class disappeared and I was just playing and singing with my friends. No one was judging me or my voice and the kindness and playfulness that Blossom gifted every one of the participants made this class a wonderful experience for me.
    - Claudia Cano -
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