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Creating with Entities: Writing, Marketing & Playing With the Unseen

Lauren Polly was diagnosed Bipolar as a teenager. Hearing voices and sensing all sorts of supernatural energies, it wasn't until her early 30s that she realized she actually wasn't crazy... she was indeed very aware.

Lauren sees, hears and speaks with entities.  

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Extraordinary Communication: Down Syndrome, Creation, Telepathy & Oneness

Have you ever thought something that someone else then said? Or known that someone was lying even though they said all the right things? 

We've all had moments of psychic communication. The questions is how much do we allow ourselves to trust it? And invite more? 

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Playing Your Way Into Creation with Katie Rubin

My friend Katie Rubin is nothing if not irreverent.

"If you have something you feel the need to say, then that means there is someone who needs to hear it. Because god is not an asshole. The universe is not a douchebag!" 

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Exploring Creation & Big Magic with Elizabeth Gilbert (my imaginary guest )

I've been telling her stories in my classes for years.

I recommend her books.

I'm likely responsible for a good half million of the 3 million views on her TedTalk on YouTube. Personally. 

So I thought, what better guest could I have on my show this week than the amazing Elizabeth Gilbert!

Well, I couldn't exactly get her live as a guest (this time), but I figured we could still enjoy her wit and words and advice when it comes to creation.

So I invite you to join me in my cozy chair as I read to you clips from Big Magic, tell you stories, and invite you to a new possibility with the whole creative process. 

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Dysfunctional Family Moments: Adding ease to the toughest times

I don't know about you, but I find it kinda easy to use all these tools I talk about in my life when things are going great.

Sure! I can ask "how does it get better? Easy! Why not!"

But it's when the shit hits the fan or things get super rough that I am the most grateful for them. And also that it requires the most tenacity to be really vulnerable, to not react, the have my own back.

This weeks Cocktails & Consciousness we are talking about those extra tough, sometimes dysfunctional family moments.... 

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Different Not Less: A Conversation About Autism Aspergers and Your Difference

I don't think a conversation has made me cry more times while filming it. 

This Cocktails & Consciousness is about Autism and Aspergers and kids with labels... sort of. 

But it is really about anything that makes you different that you wish to hide or have ever been made wrong for (or that you make yourself wrong for).

What if what you think is such a wrongness about you is truly a strongness about you?   

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Relationship Smlationship: Are you ready for something that works?

Have you ever given yourself up in a relationship? Lost yourself? Abused yourself? 

Or are you just lost in the fantasy of what you should have that you don't? 

Well then pour a glass of wine... because this little girly chat is for you! 

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The Elegance of Living: Cocktails & Consciousness

My research for tonight's show may have included a luncheon with the Duchess of Cornwall, a visit to a castle and roaming the streets armed with my iPhone polling random strangers.

Christopher Hughes, is a wealth of information about elegance and beauty... and he makes the best cocktail EVER!

Join us for a conversation about the value of asking new questions and adding beauty to your life. 

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Elephants, Rhinos &"Not Saving" the Earth

Yesterday I found out that a rhino orphanage I care deeply about was broken into and the staff held hostage while two orphan rhinos had their faces cut off to take their horns.  

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Consciousness Includes Everything. What About God?

The first time I was introduced to the tool “heavy and light” I was shaken.

No one had ever told me that I knew before.

That I knew what my body required. That I knew what choices to make to create the life I desire. 

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