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3 Question to Quiet Your Mind Without Meditation

I've never been a very good meditator. 
For the most part I've just accepted this fact. 
Long gone are the days I try to force myself to sit for an hour a day. That's what my early 20s were about... Making myself do things other people thought were good for me.

But I do absolutely get the value of quieting the mind! And if you can get there through mediation, I am both inspired and impressed.

Today I thought I'd share my cheating method of getting to more presence. 

It's a series of four phrases that are simple for me to repeat... on a hike, in the grocery line, while driving.

These questions pull my attention away from the incessant chatter in my mind and get me into perceiving, being and receiving.

I think we all know when you are present, far more possibilities are available in your life.

You get to create far more delicious connections with others...
You see business opportunities you might otherwise miss...
Oh yeah, you get to perceive the world around you :)

These questions (straight from the loins of Access Consciousness) have been a huge gift in my world.  

I'd love to hear what they open up and invite in yours!