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5 Things I Never Thought Could Change... That Did!

I was doing interviews the other day of people who have been taking Access Consciousness classes.

As a closing question I asked, “what is different now?” Person after person threw back their head and laughed before exclaiming “everything!!” That pretty much sums it up.

I remember when I began dabbling around this work, I wasn’t so sure exactly how much I needed it. Because, to be honest, the things I really wanted to change I didn’t actually believe were things a person could change. They were sort of my lot in life. And the rest of my life I was pretty happy with.

The idea of giving up all my beliefs and conclusion that weren’t actually serving me and then creating freshly the life I would like sounded great. But would it work? Could I do it? Could I really have something totally different or was I to be content with just a little bit of improvement over what was?

Looking back I realize I came in basically asking for "consciousness light”. I’ll have a little more ease with paying my bills. I’ll have a little less pain with my body. I’ll have a little less conflict in my relationships. I didn’t actually believe that true consciousness (where everything exists and nothing is judged) existed. And if it did, I didn’t see the power it could have in my life.

I’d like to share with you 5 things I was certain would never change for me that did! May it be an inspiration to wonder what you may be able to change in your own life.

1) Family- to have peace with my insane alcoholic father I spent 5 years not speaking to my father. When I finally realized that his choices were not wrong and changed my expectations of a father, an incredible allowance and peace and honoring of him set in.

  • Read more about allowance on my blog

  • Radio shows on family that may shift some things for you: Show 1 and Show 2

2) Body- Ending the War with My Body
Before Access I had has some crazy making illnesses that doctors couldn’t figure out. I was getting sicker by the year and I had tried everything that crossed my path. When I learned to ask my body questions and communicate with it directly, an ease showed up I had always been looking for:

3) Marriage- eek!
Marriage was kind of a dirty word in my head and something that made me cringe and squirm. Looking at (and giving up) all my conclusions, projections and definitions of marriage I was able to get married totally peacefully last year… and from a space of joy.

4) Giving up Perfection for Presence
My life and training on the stage taught me to look for perfectionism. When I got on national television as a public speaking expert, completely forgot what I was saying, and was able to laugh it off and not need to hide it, I knew mountains had moved.


5) Money, Money, Money 

Saving the craziest for last… Money is a topic that used to make me insane and so frustrated. It seemed like the thing that would just never be easy and I was always calculating in my head who owed what for the bill, what was even or fair. I was penurious and that energy was not fun for anyone! To have peace and freedom and actual joy in the creation of money is a gift beyond what I can express.

Access is not an answer or an instant cure. I don’t think anything is. But it gave me the questions to begin unraveling my own insanity, to stand with more presence in the face of my limitations and to take on the creation of my life.

What have you decided you can’t change?

I wonder what would happen if you did not conclude anything was just your lot in life. I wonder what you could create if you were open to the possibilities and willing to choose?

What if ask and you shall receive truly is one of the truths in the bible?

Is it time to ask for more?

* To jump into the change in a dynamic way, join my for for Bars/ Foundation/ Level 1 in Washington DC Sept 18-22 or one of my other classes coming up such as a Right Voice For You class. Or visit and find a facilitator near you.


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