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Are You Ready to Make A Very Big Choice? And Give up Judgment of YOU?

Do you ever have a conversation that really fires you up?

I had breakfast with this amazing man the other day who had made some, maybe not ideal choices years back, and was just now coming out of a really rough time.

He talked about how many of his friends had disappeared during this time. And even though he was on the upswing, I could feel the self blame, guilt and regret he still felt when he talked. He somewhere still has not forgiven himself for the choices he made.

It reconfirmed something that keeps me awake. I think about ALL the time.

The power of judgment.

Judgment has the power to cripple us. We give it the power to break us down and make us small. It’s not just the judgment others heap on us. It is our own self judgment. And any belief we hold that we are somewhere wrong.

I was at a marketing convention years ago where we were asked to "think about our business in terms of creating a global movement." It was the first exercise I was actually really connected to as I realized that absolutely everything I was choosing in my business actually did link to one big grand purpose.

"A world without judgment!” I exclaimed.

I will never forget the blank stares I received from my small group of 4 as I passionately shared my newly thought out business goal.

“What would be the benefit of that?” the well meaning tire manufacturer to my left asked me.

I was floored. "World peace!? Total communion!? And enjoyable life!?”

"What would NOT be the benefit!”I wanted to shout.

And that was when I realized. Giving up judgement is not necessarily an obvious choice. It’s actually the opposite of what we’ve been trained to do our entire lives— which is figure out "Am I right? Am I wrong? Am I good? Am I bad?”

And yet, I believe it is one of the biggest choices we can make.

 I would like to invite you today to join in my quest.   

It is a quest I see neither as idealistic nor naive.  I believe it is pragmatic.

If we wish to see the world from awareness of what truly is, we must first get out of judgment of ourselves.

The impact this will have on the planet, for each of us to be in allowance of our choices and our pasts, I know will be monumental.

You may say I'm a dreamer (or sing it if you prefer)... and yet...

Are you willing?  Are you ready?

Is it time?