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Access Possibilities School- Not Just For Kids

Nine years ago I heard Gary Douglas talking about how one day he wanted to have Access Kids Camps all over the world for adventure, arts and language. Everyone in the audience cheered.

Why “one day?” I thought to myself. I had run summer camps before. It wasn’t that hard.

Certain this would be the most amazing thing ever, I busily set to work to find a rocking stay away facility with bunk beds and all, we gathered amazing facilitators, put together a gorgeous glossy brochure and website, found group flights, created a camp handbook, and then sounded the trumpets. The Access Camps had arrived!

“I was to teach dance.” “I can take them on adventures.” “I want to learn Spanish that way!” I want to go to a camp like that!”

Quickly my inbox was filled with enquiries and interest from counselors and volunteers… all wanting to contribute to the camp. Or wanting to come.

But they were all adults! Where were the kids?

“It’s dad’s summer.” “I want to go camping with my friend that week.” “I don’t want to miss my dance classes."

Camp didn’t happen that year. The kids just didn't show up.  Or not enough of them. 

Four years later, after much enthusiasm and pleading, we opened the first Access School in Queensland. We got a school house, hired 2 teachers and planted a beautiful biodynamic garden. 

Donations of art supplies and books and furniture literally poured in. Seven days after moving into the building we had stocked classrooms, volunteer teachers for all sorts of specialty classes, and the first Access School was cheered on around the world. It seemed that everyone in our database wanted to come visit, to contribute, to teach.

But the kids in that area were spread out. Some were driving two hours to get to school in the morning. Some missed their friends back in bigger schools. We closed the school eight months later. Again.  We really needed more kids. 

When I heard the Access Possibilities Online School was opening Sept 8th, I did a huge jig in my living room. An online school! Of course! The kids could come from anywhere.

Thousands of surveys poured in when we asked “If we opened a school, would you be interested.” "Yes yes yes" was the resounding response. Yet as the go live date came closer and closer, the numbers still looked strangely small. People weren’t committing. Or were almost committing. “Maybe next year?"

“Forget it. Just close the school down!” Gary boomed in facilitators last week, when the topic came up.

There was a huge gasp from the audience.

“Hey Gary” Simone approached the mic “I’d like to learn Spanish. What if the school wasn’t just for kids?”

But of course!

The adults had wanted to come to the kids camps. The adults had wanted to come to the Access School. The adults wanted fun empowering lessons at the online school as well. So why not include these hungry hungry learners?

With all the focus on “little bodies” we had somehow forgotten that adults wanted to play and learn too! Many of them had never been introduced to the actual love of learning. Many had been disempowered or grown up to think that were bad at math or couldn’t draw. The Access School philosophy spoke to people of every age, but it seemed ever louder to those who knew what school had not been for them.  The adults!

And the beautiful thing about Access is… when something isn’t working, we do something different.

It is with great delight we get to announce to you the opening of the Access Possibilities School in just one week. And not only will it be opening its doors with a full time accredited curriculum and tutoring for kids, it will be leading with Spanish and French classes for adults as well.

And what else would you like to learn? Computer skills? Culture? Art?

Let us know!

Because the Access School is no longer just for the kids… it’s for anyone who desires to learn in a dynamic, empowered way.

Nine years later... we hear you!  It never shows up the way we think it will!

For more information about the Access Possibilities School or to request a class, visit