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An Unexpected Side Effect of Generosity of Spirit: And an Amazing Day!

I just had one of the bowl me over backwards gratitude moments. At an airport. With a shoe shiner.

Most of my life I thought that you were supposed to “help people” because…

They needed it.
Or because you had more than them.
Or because it was your duty.
Or because you should be a good person.

(All tremendously superior notions to be honest).

It never occurred to me that the real gift in my gifting to someone was actually to ME. How I got to feel. What it opened up in my world.

I want to tell you a story of a moment at the airport the other day, cause it blew apart my world. (And for once I’m not telling a story of me being a b-tch at an airport, which is refreshing).

WATCH VIDEO HERE- For once, I actually don't tell you the story in the post :)

I was in India a few years ago and spent the day at this beautiful school called Touching Lives, who was doing amazing work with kids.

They had 5 principles they lived by, but the first one really stuck with me. It was that they serve because they believe it is their need to serve. Basically, they weren’t helping anyone, they were doing it for what it created in their own lives.

I will never forget the joy in this man’s world yesterday. How his “thank you” reverberated across the airport walls. The tears of happiness that sprung to my eyes as I nearly skipped to my plane. How untouchable my joy felt for the rest of the day.

What generosity of spirit could you choose today? For you? For what it creates in your own world?

I'll tell you what... I like me more when I'm that energy. I like being here. I like who I am. I like the world it creates.

And wow, what a beautiful side effect that it happens to bring joy into another person’s world as well!