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Best Voice Mail Message Ever!

I don’t talk about the work I do with old friends very often. I don’t wish to appear as though I think I have the answer for their life. I truly get that whatever someone else is choosing is as valid as what I am choosing, even if includes or dis-ease. So I just be there with them. And love them.

But it’s not always easy.

I was talking to a friend I love dearly the other day who suffers from so much anxiety and sadness. And I could see all the places where it just didn’t have to be that way. I remembered when my mind used to be so tortured and my body so ill at ease.

I knew I had some amazing tools that could really lighten her experience of being in a body on this planet… But she really wasn’t asking for advise or for tools. She was asking for someone to listen to her. And be there. So I did.

It was a hard lesson for me to learn that my wanting more for people around me doesn’t mean I should try to give it to them. It is superior. It’s unkind. And it usually ends up being returned with daggers attached. So I’ve learned to wait for people to ask a question. And sometimes it’s a long, or often endless, wait.

When my friend Katie started asking some questions about Access last month, I wasn’t over zealous. I gave her bite sized information. But I kept picking up the phone when she called. She used some tools. She watched my hangout. She went to a bars class. She seemed to be choosing it.

When I got this voicemail from her the other day I couldn’t stop smiling. It was what I had wanted for her for so long, what I knew was possible for her in her life, and she was getting it, receiving it and having it… And fast!

I saved the message. You have to hear it here. I’ve titled it “best voice message ever!”

I’m not vested in her choosing more. Would I love it? Absolutely! Would I love it for you? Yes! And I get it’s your choice. It has to be.

I talked to Katie today and she was in no less gratitude and awe, but a little more peaceful.

“It’s changing everything Blossom. It’s changing my show. It’s changing who I think I could marry. It’s changing everything in all the right ways. I feel internally very different. I know I can clear any bullshit that is hard now."

What if that kind of change were available for you? What if you could not just solve your problems, but feel “internally different?”

I have so many tools I am so grateful for. They have changed my internal landscape. But most of the time I kind of sit on them. I sprinkle one in a video. Share a question. And wait. Wait for people to ask.

But when someone chooses… I can’t help but glow.

It doesn’t have to be so hard. Just not everyone seems to be ready to know that yet. If you really want the big juicy set of tools, Bars/Foundation/1, Being You and Right Voice For You are just 3 of the places I know you can start. It's honestly not a sales pitch.  It's a possibility. And an invitation.  In case it every feels light.


* Katie Rubin (who left me this message) is one of the funniest most brilliant comedians and speakers I know.  You can check her out at  I wonder what she will create NOW from this space!?