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Beware or Be Aware?

I was on a walk with my dog the other day and I came across a fence with a sign, much like the one above, plastered across it 3 times.  Beware! Beware! Beware!

What is it with these words I wondered? "Beware!" "Caution!" "Warning!" "Danger!" "Be Careful!" 

Are they useful? Do they invite us to open our eyes? Or do they truly just ask you to cut off your awareness?

I ran home and made this video without even changing out of my workout clothes. Because I get it's an important topic.

We think we are being helpful or smart by laying out the ABCs of what is dangerous and what should be avoided. But are we really? Or are we creating the illusion of safety and inviting the absence of awareness?

Are you actually putting your kids in danger by teaching them to be safe?

Is fear the antidote to danger? Or is there something else greater?

Be'ware: This video may cause greater awareness of what other choices are available.

Is there anything you have lived in fear of that you could instead simply be aware of?

I'd love to hear your stories below!

I wonder where else we can replace fear and caution with awareness and truly thrive?