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Blossom and the Land of the Thousand Stray Dogs

Oh my oh my!

A year ago I saw a video about this place and knew I had to visit.

So this trip to Costa Rica, I made it happen.

What an incredible energy. You really just wouldn't believe it without seeing this... which is why I'd rather just show you.

My hat is off to these people who created this respite for dogs. It just didn't work them that as dogs got older who couldn't find a family they wouldn't have a place in the world. So they created one.

What systems exist in this world that just make no sense to you?

What if you could create something totally different, whatever that is?

* These dogs cost $500 every single day of the year just to feed. If you would like to donate or find out more, visit:

P.S. A friend of mine fell in love with the little sweetheart I mention in the video from my Facebook post. She just got off the plane in Houston yesterday where she was greeted by her new mommy. Her new name is Cina ;)