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Can Anyone Work With Energy (and what the heck IS energy?)

I had a super intense phone call the other day. 

I hung up the phone and burst into tears, both shocked and upset and by I had just created.

It felt like that kind of crying that once it started was never going to stop. 

In that moment, I looked up at the sky and realized, this is actually a choice. I could truly choose to be happy right now. Even in the face of this. In the face of anything.

So I showed myself the energy of happiness. And the tears literally just stopped. I took a deep breath. I got out of the car and quite peacefully sat down on the lawn.

It was gone. The emotion and upset. Actually, totally, gone. Not stuffed. I had shown myself a different energy. And chosen a different energy.

Holy crazy praise be! Well, I had never done quite that before.

We have that potency. All of us. To shift energies.

And not only can we do it for ourselves, we can do it for (be it for) others as well.

That fact that we can be something to shift something is the really simplified summary of what "energy work" has come to mean to mean. It is not a significance or healing or channeling kind of activity. It is the choice to be so present with someone, with no judgment and be whatever you are that might shift whatever they are making real that doesn't have to be.

I mostly spend my time talking about the questions I ask, and the tools I use in my daily life....

But a massive amount of what I actually do in my life, when I facilitate myself or anyone, is energetic. I change an energy.

It's energy work.

The first time I went to a class to learn how to do these kinds of sessions I honestly kind of hated it.

I didn't know "how." I didn't know if anything was happening.

Now it's a huge part of how I be.

So I gathered some of my favorite people to have a chat about the style of energy work that I have been taught (inspired to, invited to, awakened to) by Dr Dain Heer.

Dain Heer has pioneered Energetic Synthesis of Being and Symphony of Possibilities.

Curious if you might be an energy worker? A healer? A change agent?

Do you desire to have and be more of this change for yourself? 

This week's Cocktails & Consciousness is about just that....

Where are you far more potent than you have given yourself credit for? 

What could you shift in your own world just by being a different energy with and for you?