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Create Your Own Reality

I'd like to talk about creating your own reality.

I've been writing a lot since I got home. And it wasn't until today, after spending some time with a writing book (something I have never done), that I realized how agonizing writing is actually supposed to be.

And I found myself beginning to align with that point of view. Beginning to find a million distractions. Begin to have to "make myself" sit down.

And then I stopped.

I joke in my classes that "stop it" is actually one of the most valuable tools we have available, but it's not actually a joke.

If you are doing something that doesn't work for you, stop it!

Sitting here I found myself suddenly going down the rabbit hole of what writing is supposedly. That rabbit hole has absolutely nothing to do with who I am, how I have created my life, what I desire or what I know.

So I stopped.

I asked "what is my reality with writing?"

My reality includes a lot of smiling.

It includes expressive punctuation. It includes long bouts of writing followed by going on long adventures in the world and forgetting what writing even is.

I invite you to look at whatever it is you are doing and ask yourself "what is my reality with this topic?" "What have I picked up from others that has nothing to do with me?"

Cause the truth is, we have choice.

We always have the choice to stop it, and start again.


P.S. I am still going to finish Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird. She has some wonderful sentences about characters showing you things and about you being the scribe for scenes that already know what they have to say. She is magical with words. It's just the struggle I'd like to say "no thank you" to. Grateful for the beautiful book and the awareness.