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Creating with Entities: Writing, Marketing & Playing With the Unseen

Lauren Polly was diagnosed Bipolar as a teenager. Hearing voices and sensing all sorts of supernatural energies, it wasn't until her early 30s that she realized she actually wasn't crazy... she was indeed very aware.

Lauren sees, hears and speaks with entities. 

She is also a brilliant writer (brag moment: her book The Other Side of Bipolar just won the Silver Nautilus award!)

A Certified Medical Speech-Language Pathologist, Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, Trained Talk to the Entities Facilitator and Yoga instructor, Lauren works with others to claim and expand their own unique capacities as well. 

Join us for a conversation about some of the practicalities of inviting beings without bodies to contribute to your life and creations.

Is it possible you have a "team" of beings who have your back?

What would it take to include them in your daily life?

What if you could invite entities to create with you?

Let's play!

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