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Exposing Your Secret Gifts

The topic of "secrets" has been coming up a lot in my classes lately.

People seem to be either keeping secret the things that they really care about or want the most (not so bright, since if it's a secret, no one can help you get it)….


They are keeping secret the things that they believe (or know) will create judgment.

Unfortunately, either way, usually the thing you end up hiding is YOU!

My radio show guest this week, Shannon O'Hara, has been grappling with this topic her whole life. In her case, she has been seeing entities (ghosts/sprits) since she was a child.

Shannon, now the owner of a very successful global business called "Talk to the Entities", may look like she is immune to judgment, but I know there were times along the way (and there continue to be times) where it is not exactly comfortable for her to disclose the difference, and truly the gift, she is.

And the thing I admire most about Shannon, is comfortable or not... she keeps choosing all the same!

Where are you cutting yourself off from receiving? Where are you avoiding judgment at all costs?

What would it be like to be willing to post on Facebook the things you care about, not just the things you think you should post?

And what tenacity does it take to truly be you, even when you secretly know that you are a gift?

What would it be like if you were willing to both ask for what you secretly desire, and to expose the secret gift of you?

It is too much to ask in one week? 

If so, maybe pick one… you wouldn't want too much freedom at once :)