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Have You Ever Chosen Limitless?

I sat in my car literally at the intersection to the freeway. Would I drive East, to my dreams of Broadway and a new adventure in New York, or West back to my boyfriend and a job singing Christmas carols at Disneyland.

I had just spent my summer doing musical theatre in Wichita Kansas, which put me literally in the middle of my two choices. I was 1380 miles from Los Angeles and 1386 miles from New York— the difference of less than one quick pit stop between the two drives.

I had put everything I owned in my car before I left for the Summer. I was well aware I might not be coming back to California.

"East or West. East or West." I felt the energy of each of them as I said them aloud. West felt like safety. And a little like death. East felt like pure adventure. And possibility. I turned the wheel to the right.

There are moments we choose from logic. Or fear. And then there are moments we choose from limitless. For me, this was one of those moments.

That move to New York was sheer magic. I was unstoppable. I drove from Kansas straight to an apartment listing off Craigslist with directions scribbled on a napkin. It turned out the girls renting the room I had randomly met 4 years before while visiting a college in St Louis. They rented me the room on the spot and let me unload my car that night.

The next day I bounded up Madison Avenue, and having never waited tables in my life, I had a job by noon on the upper east side at a beautiful little bistro. Pure delight! And the magic carried on.

We have all had moments where we are truly limitless.

The question is…. Is that moment gone with the first thought of "can't" or do we allow it to persist? To grow? To invite more magic? To allow us to become unstoppable?

I think back to that moment on the freeway and I wonder, what was it exactly that created that? What put everything on my side? What made it all so easy? Was it my demand? Desire? Curiosity? Adventure? Or just a sheer knowing that I would have a bigger life… and the universe got to work to assist?

What creates limitless I wonder? And how do we invite more of it!?

My dear friend Dr Dain Heer did an awesome telecall series on this topic. You can find it in the shop here.

Where have you chosen limitless? I'd love to hear!

Share YOUR stories in the comments below.