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How Does it Get Worse Than This?

Ok, this is actually getting funny now.
My entire apartment is literally shaking as the upstairs neighbors are jumping (ie: dancing) on my head in their middle of the night impromptu dance party.
What exactly makes that funny you might ask?

Well... you know how I talk about questions all the time?

You know, "ask and you shall receive". And that tool "how does it get better than this?"... and how that is the most amazingly powerful question, cause it keeps getting better?

I usually give you really positive examples. Like about how I asked the universe and got upgraded and then asked how it gets better and was fed grapes by a cadre of Latin princes on the plane and then asked how it gets better and was given a free palace by the sea...

Well, today I would like to give you an opposite example of the power of a question.

Cause today I was grumpy.

So instead of asking "how does it get better?" today I was being the energy of "how does it get worse than this?" Yep. True story.

Now it's not like I said it.

Things just kept going wrong, and I kept going "see, it's a bad day" and grumbling.

And all be darned if I am not a potent creator!

Cause guess what?... it just kept getting worse!

We slept in too late to go to the Eiffle tower this morning and didn't get to go up as I had hoped.
How does it get worse than that?
An entire carafe of orange juice spilled on me at breakfast. 
How does it get worse than that?
An hour line at the next museum just to buy tickets.
How does it get worse than that?
World class TERRIBLE service at the restaurant we chose.
How does it get worse than that?
I looked at the wrong plane ticket and arrived at the airport an hour late for my flight.
How does it get worse? 
Two hour flight delay on the standby flight. 
How does it get worse? 
My cabbie had no GPS and got us lost and then had no credit card machine.
How does it get worse? 
I had no Pounds with me to pay the driver.
How does it get worse?

Oh that's just the start! This could be a VERY long post!

But I reckon you are getting the host of the magic.

This string of events continued clear through the entire night leading me straight to turning out the lights when the dance party on my head began.

If you are ever not sure of your own potency or ability to create, spend a day asking "how does it get worse?" or just grumbling with everything that goes wrong.

You just may find very quickly, like I have today, that you are far more potent than you believe.

As I finish my post and turn off the lights I am asking "how does it get better than this?" And "what would it take for tomorrow to turn out better than I could possibly imagine?


Yep. Got it. Loud and clear!

Questions create :)