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How to Make Choices

Ready for an oldie but goodie?
This is the first video I ever made that I sheepishly uploaded to YouTube.  

Making choices, especially important ones, can be really frustrating, tiresome, and for a head tripper like me, seemingly insane making. 

I remember the days when I used to make "pros and cons" lists.  First I'd make the pros and cons list. Then I'd judge the pros and cons list. Then I'd try to decided which choice I actually wanted, and make sure to make that side of the list was longer.  And then half the time I wouldn't make a choice at all because even with my list I wasn't sure, so I'd live with the default outcome of not choosing.

Today my life is much simpler!  I truly choose based on the energy of what that choice will create in my life.  And if I don't like what my choice creates, I always give myself permissions to choose again.

Here are my 5 favorite tools for how to make choices with EASE:


Seem easy enough?!  

Have a play and let me know what shows up for you!  

I'd love to hear your stories if your choices get easier!