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How To Stop Being The Effect of the Crazy Around You

I am back in my favorite city… And I have to tell you, my awareness has increased oh just a tiny bit since I’ve last spent much time here. As much as I enjoy the food, the park, the shopping and the culture, there has also been a lot more chatter running through my head and moments of intensity, anxiety or unease in my body than usual.

Where at earlier times in my life that may have spun me into thinking “what’s wrong with me?”, today I see it as a chance to flex the muscles of allowance and functioning from greater awareness and return to the peace I know is me.

I made you a video with the questions that help get me there.

What if you could stop being the effect of the crazy around you!?

I like to remind myself that consciousness is not a state you achieve. It's ever evolving. What if you could choose a little more of it today?