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I would be dumbfounded if it wasn't true

A pastor friend of my husbands mentioned to him the other day:

A pastor friend of my husband's mentioned to him the other day:

"When I get to the other side, if it turns out Jesus isn't there, I will be dumbfounded. But even then, I wouldn't have lived any different. I have had the best life for me that I could have had."

It struck me so deeply. I keep replaying it in my head.

It occurred to me this morning perhaps it sort of doesn't matter what is actually true. It's about the LIVING. And the life that gets created from the points of view you have.
I believe that I am an infinite being who can perceive, know, be and receive infinitely.

That very idea perpetually invites me out of my circus mind and into asking what I know. It allows me to not get bogged down by what I feel but instead look at what I am perceiving around me. It has me continuously asking to be more and to receive more.

And if I die and it turns out I'm actually a very limited machine like creature living a random and meaningless life, I still would have had a greater more joyful existence by having continuously sought to be and receive more.

I believe that joy heals the planet.

Maybe it doesn't. Maybe the planet is a cold pile of stone with no awareness that I exist. But I don't think so. I believe the earth receives from me. And is grateful that I am joyful and that I am alive.

And living as though that is true has been a very rich choice. It has made my prioritize laughter. And to gift to and receive from this incredible things called earth. It has given me a connection with this planet that no afterlife counter fact could take away.

I believe that questions are magic.
That we always have choice.
That anything can be changed.
That we create our reality from our points of view.
That Jesus meant it when he said we could perform even greater miracles than he did, and we need only to get out of our own way.

I believe that judgment is the greatest source of separation. That is kills possibilities and stomps out access to your own awareness.

I believe that the action of loving… loving the planet, loving the animals, loving the rain, acting loving with each other is an incredibly powerful force.

I believe that we are all connected. And while I don't always perceive that, seeking and requesting to see the connection and oneness between myself and others has created far more caring in my world.

It creates a planet I would like to be on.

And striving to unravel the judgment in my own world has given me more freedom and peace.

If I died today and went to the other side and it turned out that everything I thought to be true or real about consciousness was a lie, I would be dumbfounded.

But is there anything I would do different while I am alive if I knew that now?

I have been wondering that all night.

What ideas do I have that are not serving me? What beliefs am I holding onto about the world, my body, money, people, the earth, that are creating less rather than more?

What could I live by, that no matter what turned out to be true, would create the greatest, richest, most fulfilling life possible?

We get to be here now.

How did we get so lucky to have that gift?

What would you be dumbfounded if you found out it wasn't true? And would you have chosen the same life anyway?