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Is Dr Dain Heer Married?

My first facilitator of Access Consciousness was named Forest Sun. He had piercing blue eyes and an incredible gift on the guitar.

I remember calling my mother after looking through his photos online and declaring “I have the funniest feeling I just met the man I’m going to marry. Looks like you’re going to have 2 sons named Forest.”

I had never cared about marriage and was certainly not looking for a husband. But it was like he had activated some program within me that said “You are the one!"

Forest and I were a terrible match. He pushed all my buttons and I think I pushed his. I found him thoughtless, he found me stingy… and those were the compliments.

The truth was, it wasn’t him that I wanted. But it was something he had. It was something he knew.

Forest was a facilitator of something called Access Consciousness. And through conversations and eventually classes, he lead me to some amazing tools. He taught me that questions opened up the universe. He showed me how much judgment my self proclaiming "judgment free" hippy self actually lived from. He invited me to see the gift I truly was underneath the self I presented to the world. And in doing so he offered me more of me.

Fast forward 8 years. Forest is on his own adventure, and I now travel the world sharing these very same tools he gifted me. A lot has changed. Well actually, pretty much everything has changed.

And then… I was googling my friend Dr Dain Heer's (co-creator of Access Consciousness) name the other day.

At the bottom of the page, under related searches, I couldn’t help but notice the most searched term following his name. It wasn’t “Dain Heer Healer” or “Dain Heer TV Appearances"

Instead I saw-- “Is Dain Heer married?” I had to smirk as I was instantly thrown back to remembering Forest and where I began.

Now, Dain is a remarkable man. Honestly, he is arguably one of the most amazing men I know. He’s an incredible healer, a dynamic speaker, he’s wealthy and handsome and funny… so I get it. Honestly I do.

But what Dain actually is, is way beyond that. Dain is one of the few people on the planet I know who can melt someone’s entire world with a hug. He can look at you with absolutely no judgment in a way you actually begin to see yourself.

I get this sounds very sentimental and dramatic, but my first session with Dain I can only describe as being shown energetically who I was for the first time in my life. I remember so much energy coursing through my fingers that I actually felt pinned to the table and questioned if I could actually move. Yet his hands were waving over me. They were hardly ever touching my body. There was something he was doing that I could neither understand nor deny. There was something he was showing me about the truth of who I was that I could not understand or deny. And all I know is I got up different. I got up with a sense of what it was to actually be.

That is the gift that Dain can actually be. That and beyond and beyond and beyond. I’ve seen it all over the world with thousands of people. He shows them what it is to be. For all those googling “is Dain Heer married?", I just wanted to ask…

(I get his smile is so winsome. I get when he wears a blue shirt his eyes are so beautiful and bright you can hardly look away.)

But I wonder…. is that actually what you are drawn to? Do you truly want to be "the one” to this man who spends his life on the road with a tenacious commitment to consciousness and change?

Is how “marryable” or “unmarryable” he is really what you are most drawn to know about him? Or are you wondering something else?

Are you wondering how he got there? Are you wondering if you can have some of that potency and beauty too? Can your life somehow be that magical? Can you see yourself the way he would see you? Through the seductive eyes of no judgment?

What I wonder for you is, what contribution can this handsome wonderful man be to your life, married or not? What consciousness can he invite and incite and introduce?

I will forever be grateful to my first facilitator, Forest. And even more grateful I realized I did not need to marry him. I just wanted more of me.