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The Lens of Other People's Judgements

Sometimes I feel like a broken record with this "judgement" word.

I talk about it ALL THE TIME.

Cause this...

Most of my life I didn't even know what judgements were.

I thought "appropriate" "good" "right" "moral" "upstanding" "horrible" "immoral" were actual things that existed. That they were. And that they always would be.

I somehow didn't get that what is noble in one part of the world might be horrific in another. What is honorable in one culture might be cowardly in another.

And more importantly, that these things were pretty much, universally made up.

So if you want to be a "good daughter", what you are required is for you to pick whose judgment you will gauge yourself against, and then you have to judge yourself continuously to see if you are living up to that person's judgment.

It's exhausting.

A better set of questions might be:

What would I like to be?
How would I like to interact with this person or topic?
What do I know?
What works for me?

Are you looking for the appropriateness of your actions through the lens of other people's judgments?

If you are... your only hope of success is through total and continuous judgment of you.

What other possibilities exist that might be a little more fun?

Who's in for a "Judgment Free World?"