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Secrets to Getting Everything You Want

It took me a long time before I really truly got that the things I didn't have in my life were either things I wasn't asking for, or things I wasn't willing to receive.

I think there are things we all just assume are out of reach.

And that very point of view, the point of view that we can't have them...

Well, it keeps them there. Out of reach. Never to be in your future.

I have a few stories for you today about getting everything you desire. They are really fun pragmatic examples of how clearing a point of view and approaching the topic from a different perspective can completely change the future.

One is about a dentist and the other about a dancer.

Both friends who created really great outcomes in not so great situations.

(If you aren't 7 minutes patient, make sure to catch the last 2 minutes of this for their stories).

Choosing to say and be and ask the very things that will create the future you desire is one of my favorite topics.

I'm actually having a free call about it Oct 15th at 11am Pacific.

You can jump on by visiting

Cause honestly... isn't it time to change whatever that darn thing is that is getting in your way?

And in turn, isn't it time to change your future?

Hope to hear you there!