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Stop Listening to Other People Already!

Above... that's a peaceful photo of my horse and I.  

But this blog isn't actually about horses.  Or about a peaceful day. This was actually an incredibly annoying day. And this blog is about trusting what you know. 

It’s not often that I get really angry.

But when I do, I know that there is either a lie or I’m being distracted from what I’m actually aware of. 

As I drove home from the hand surgeon the other day (12 days after the afore mentioned annoying day that began it all), I was fuming pissed.  

I was mad at my surgeon, mad at my friends, mad at my husband… but all I was actually mad at was me. 

For years I have talked and written and facilitated about “knowing what you know” and “not making others’ awareness greater than your own....”  And here I was, in this recockulous situation because I had done just that.  

Turned my awareness over to other people. 

"I knew it, I KNEW it, I KnEw it!" 

And the rest... well, here is the story in full...

What do you know about your own body that you are pretending not to know? 

Who or what do you trust more than you? 

And is it time to make that demand, that whatever it take, you are trusting your awareness from here on out?