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Thanksgiving in the wake of the unknown

It's one of the things that I think America does beautifully.

Not the origin of it. Not the eating around it. But the notion of a day of thanks. Thanksgiving. 

One of the things that has changed dynamically in my world over the last years is the ability to be grateful for nearly everything that is occurring... the good, the bad and even the pieces I don't yet understand.

What if you could be grateful for the people who lie to you, for the information it give you about who they are and what they are up to?

What if you could be grateful for even the things that are not yet going as you desire... knowing that change is possible and we get to live another day and make new choices?

And what if you could be grateful for every choice you have ever made that got you to where you are today?

My thanks to YOU...

I am infinitely grateful for you in my world to have ongoing conversations throughout the year about choice, possibilities and more.

My friends Gary and Dan threw out a challenge yesterday to start practicing Random Acts of Consciousness.

It lit up my world and got me excited to be living. 

What acts of consciousness can you choose today? (Remember, consciousness includes everything and judges nothing... so it may not be quite what you think.)

Celebrating all that is right with the world today... and all that we have the possibilities to change and choose beyond.