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The Gift of the Access Bars

I love sending you emails and blogs and videos with tools and questions and stories.

I do whatever I can to share with you the things that have created freedom in my own world… so that you can choose the same (or greater) as well.

And the questions I get back, more than any others, are really about the how. I write about allowance, and somewhere we all know that having more allowance would create more ease.

But how do you get there?
I write about vulnerability and looking at what is actually true for you, and sometimes there are so many barriers and walls and conclusions that is doesn’t even seem possible to be vulnerable.

And most of the time, the best advice I can give back is “it’s truly a choice.” Sometimes I add some questions or clearings to play with as well.

Gary Douglas, the founder of Access says “There are two things that will change anything… choice and the Bars.”

The Bars are truly the thing that when I can’t see past the “I can’t” or just don’t see the point of the next step, I get my bars run.

And an hour and a half later, I always see the world a bit different. The edge of apathy or anger or self protection is gone and I get to interact the world in a magical way once again.

They are sort of my secret weapon. My brain reset if you will. And I use them all the time.

I realized since I can’t reach through my computer screen and touch your head, I really haven’t shared enough about The Bars with you over the years.

So I made a little video (from Venice, Italy I might add).

On April 14th there will be an online Global Bars Class.

It’s a fundraiser, so 100% of the profits will go to El Lugar.

And I’ll be one of four Certified Facilitators leading it.

What that means is I actually will be reaching through the computer and showing you Bars!

If you have never experienced the hands on portion of Access Consciousness and you ever get stuck on the how, perhaps you'll consider gifting yourself this day.

You may want to find an adventurous friend to sign up along with you so that you can gift and receive bars on each other throughout the day. Or you can see if there is a POD anywhere in your area.

You can also just soak in the information yourself, knowing you will have the replay to practice on friends later.

If you know the bars well, we’d still love for you to join us. It’s a full day of facilitation and change with myself, Megan Hill, Jonas Svensson and Grace Douglas (all brilliant facilitators I’m excited to introduce you to if you don’t know them already.)

And if now is not the time, know that there are over 3,000 Bars Facilitators around this world who offer bars classes. And you can find one of them anytime you are curious.

It’s not a “cure” or “instant magic.” But the people I know who have added this to their life as an ongoing practice are some of the most creative and truly joyful people I know.

It’s a lifestyle really.

And something I am so very grateful to have as a tool in my own life.

I hope my little magic tip may get you closer to your "how," whatever that may happen to be. 

* Already familiar with the bars?  What contribution have they been to your life? I'd love to hear what you know about them!