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Time to Give Up Perfectionism Once and For All?

Someone asked me the other day if I would give them a clearing to get rid of perfectionism once and for all. 

My answer was actually “no.”

You see, clearing energies is great.  It let’s you let go of something so that there is no charge. But there really is no “once and for all” because (unfortunately at times) you always have choice.  

Did that limitation actually work of you? Feeling awkward or uncomfortable without it? Well then, just bring it on back!

When it comes to something like perfectionism (with full knowing that you will want to throw spit balls at me for saying this) there really is no better tool than “choice.”

Want to stop stopping yourself before you even begin? Well then, stop it! 

Begin! Being even though you don’t know where you are going and it might be bumpy or uncomfortable along the way. 

Want to take up painting but hate doing things poorly? Do it anyway!  Paint 100 bad paintings.  Write a bad book. Create a business that flops. It will give you information. It will give you ideas. Best of all, it will prevent you from standing motionless while the world prances by. 

I think perfectionism is a sickness. It’s a sickness I caught and believed was valuable and with merit.  But its not one I have to keep.  

The antidote is actually quite simple. And annoying. 

The antidote is choice. 

I challenge you today… what is one area that you have been avoiding forward movement because you aren’t sure if you know enough, are good enough, will be seen as pretty or smart or enough…

Go out and do it anyway!

Go out and be terrible at it. 

Cure yourself from this reckless disease that does nothing but stop you from living. 

Choose my friends. And let me know if you survive the task.