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Top Unconventional Traveling Tips from 5 World Travelers

I have gotten to the point where I travel a lot.

Like a lot a lot a lot.

It's not something I expected, but it is something I have really grown to love. And... it's certainly not always smooth sailing.

I took my mom to Italy for her 65th birthday this spring. It was her first trip out of the country, and seeing traveling through the eyes of someone who has never really done it, well it made me realize a few things.

1. There are so many things that seasoned travelers know about traveling that we sort of take for granted. (Like about packing and plugs and booking sites and apps.)

2. There are things you can be and choose— questions you can ask and expectations you can alter, that can make traveling become both easy and dare I say, even magical. You do co-create your experience.

3. This really should not be insider information. Everyone should know this stuff!

With that in mind…. just for fun...

I called up four girlfriends last night (who also travel a ton in super diverse ways) and asked them about the weird tools they use and the questions they ask to make their own insane amount of travel both easy and fun.

This is a grab a glass of wine kind of hangout.

Because between the laughter and random airport adventure stories are tons of pragmatic tips, favorite apps, ways to save money combined with attitudes and questions we always make sure to put on before we go. 

Is there anywhere you have been desiring to go?

Is there any class or adventure that you know if you chose it your life would expand?

There may be money or time or many other things in your way of choosing… but it is my hope for you that you don’t let the travel be one of them.

What would it take for getting from here to there to be way more ease filled and joyful than you could imagine?

Cheers to that!