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Trump Election Insanity- and another possibility

I woke up this morning to all sorts of upset, anger, confusion, fear and frustration strewn everywhere.

I have been surprised by the level of peace in my universe surrounding this entire conversation. It is moments like this that I am intensely grateful for having another lens to view the world through.

I'd like to share with you a video I made with a slew of questions we can all be asking.

It doesn't matter if you are for or against Trump (this video is not for or against anything), I believe these are the same questions that will free our world, add consciousness to our government and create more possibility for all people.

I've included a reading of one of my favorite texts. It leads me in remembering what my target here actually is.

What contribution can I be in the coming years to creating a world I would like to live in?

What is right about this we're not getting?

How can we use this to our advantage?

What contribution can this be to creating a thriving living earth?

And don't forget, if you are upset or fearful or angry today, gift yourself the question "who does this belong to?" There is a lot of pandemonium in the air and that doesn't mean you have to take it on and carry it in your body.

Change never shows up the way you think it will.

So what else is possible from here? 

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