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What do you love about it?

This is one of those questions that used to make me want to throw things at people.

"What do you love about it?" (said with an annoying condescending whine)

"I don't love it!!!!!!!" I always wanted to scream.

"I hate it! I hate not having money! I hate not knowing what I want to create in the world. I hate everything always being so hard!"

"There is NOTHING I love about it!" It was my tantrum energy. How dare someone accuse me of loving this mess!

There was this stupid book called "Money Isn't the Problem, You Are." I thought the title was rude. That book didn't know what I'd gone through. It didn't know we'd been on food stamps growing up. It didn't know how much my dad drank. It didn't know anything!
But here is the thing...

It's a thing I had to hear over and over until one day I could actually HEAR it.

We create our reality.

If you are creating something over and over, there is something that you love about it or something that is working for you.

Maybe it's letting you stay small.

Maybe it's comfortable to have to work hard and not have to ask difficult questions of yourself.

Maybe that drinking you say you hate actually gives you some peace.

Maybe those abusive relationships you keep choosing prove that you are right about something.

I'm not being mean when I ask you "what do you love about it?"

Only when you start to acknowledge what you love about it can you question if you really require that thing. Or if you could get that need met elsewhere.

Only when you acknowledge all the crap you are creating can you turn around, and with the same energy, create magic.

So what do you love about not having everything you desire?

And is there any part of that you can either claim own and acknowledge or begin to let go of today?