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What if you facilitated the thing you most desire to change?

Are there areas in your life you have really wanted to change?

Here's a weird thought....

What if you facilitated the areas you desire to create something different in?

When I started facilitating Right Voice For You, I had so many points of view about how I showed up in front of other people.

I would NEVER have shared the kinds of public posts I do today.

If I thought my hair looked bad in a video, I wouldn't use it.

I had so much training in performing that I didn't feel like I knew how to really let people see me.

So what did I do?

I started facilitating how to be that. I started offering Right Voice classes.

And every layer of clearings I ran, they ran on me. Every time I suggested to someone that they could give up perfection, I gave up a bit of perfection.

Facilitating is so different than being an expert. You don't have to know or have mastered the thing you are facilitating.

You just have to have the questions and the willingness to explore.

*If you'd like to find out more about facilitating Right Voice For You visit - requirements are in the process of changing a bit so feel free to email for most up to date info.