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What the African animals showed me about the earth... and a crazy cool dung beetle!

Being in Africa was amazing for a lot of reasons, but it was surprising for one main one. 
This sounds absolutely ridiculous to say out loud... but I had no idea how truly amazing animals are. 

Or how much awareness they truly function from.

These three animal stories left me in complete awe, and got my asking a whole lot of questions about the human race. 

Do you know why giraffes walk up wind? 

Or what Impala choose if it doesn't rain? 

This is one of my longer videos... but I just had so much to share! 

If for any unimaginable reason you get tired of my effervescent story telling next to the mosquito lamp, make sure to fast forward to minute 6 for some beautiful footage.  The dung beetle is incredible.  And I must say I'm pretty impressed by my rhino footage as well!  

What do you know about animals that would blow my mind? 

How much can we learn from the way they animals relate to this beautiful planet?