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You GET to be you!

Big epiphany moment! It’s a sort of silly and perhaps obvious question, but it rearranged my universe, and in the event it could contribute to you creating a fuller, richer, more delicious and relevant experience of being alive, I just wanted to share!


I was in this incredible, phenomenal class last weekend, and Dain Heer was talking about not being able to change this one thing with his body... and basically that he had not been willing to be for himself what he was being for other people to create the change.

He often starts sessions by saying "If you could have anything out of this session, what would it be?" I half jokingly said he should say to himself "Dain, if you could have anything out of being Dain, what would it be?" He gets to be Dain! He could gift himself anything he knows and bes. Right?

But that question hit me in a HUGE way in my own universe. I started asking "Blossom- If you could have anything out of being Blossom, what would it be?"

I know that my being gets to come back to this planet again and again... but this is the only time I am here as Blossom, with this body and this life and these stories and circumstances around me.

I realized, wow, I GET to be me! I GET to have this body, and this awareness, and these people in my life. I GET to choose.

I made you this short video, because well, there is just more I gots ta say.

I think this is the first time I one million percent owned that I have created everything in my life. EVERYTHING!

So question... If you could have anything out of being you, what would it be?

What choices are available in your life that ONLY you can make?

What awareness is unique? How would you like to spend this life of being you? Cause it's the only one where all these particular ingredients will be present.

How did you get so lucky to be YOU in this lifetime?

I know for me, I'm spending the day in gratitude.