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Your Future: it's ALWAYS about the energy!

I do this exercise in a lot of my classes.

It starts normal looking. "Make a list of all the things you desire in your life."

But then there are two super important steps after that:

Step 2- Ask "is this mine?" for everything on this list. Cross out everything that lightens up when you even hint at it not being yours.

Step 3- Ask "what energy would this add to my life?"

That's the important part. Cause it's really ALWAYS about the energy. It's NEVER about the thing.

So... you may get you desire a Mercedes convertible, but the energy you are actually after is fast and elegant and safe and beautiful.

So when fast and elegant shows up in another package, you may not even recognize it. Cause... where's my Mercedes?

What if the things you think you desire in your life are really just sign posts to the energy you would like your future to include?

We've got to take this last step of translating things to energies... of getting from conclusion of what it will look like to the question of how it might show up.

It's not your job to figure out what it looks like! That's the universe's gig. And she's awesome at it!

Are you eliminating possibilities with your conclusions?

What would it take to change that today?