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My Big Day

There's the "idea" of getting what you've always wanted and then there's what actually happens.....

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Ode to the Mom at the Gate

A shout out! to the mom ready to board the plane
I too know that traveling with children can be insane...

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Energies of the Earth

creating contemplative videos with photographs set to music

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Writing World

Trusting Own Voice

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Stories of a love affair with nature....the growth from a gardening neophyte to co-creation with nature...

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Ruffled Princess at My Garden Gate

The "Ruffled Princess at My Garden Gate" smiled and waved her delicate head at me, and my heart jumped with laughter. "Come with me!", she said with a sparkle in her eyes. We didn't talk while she lead me onto a trail that I hadn't noticed before, right there behind the cedar tree.

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The Beginning of a New Journey

As I sat with my intensity, not knowing where to go with that energy, as I sensed a crumbling of what I thought was me, a thunderstorm was building up.... Literally, not only in me but outside!

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Welcome to the Creation Challenge

Welcome to the Creation Challenge Blog!

This July, a group of over 100 beautiful and brave creators took up a challenge--- to create every day for 30 days and see what it added to their lives.

We have created together a vibrant secret Facebook group, with stories and poems and videos emerging daily. To share amongst the group has been safe, and kind and wonderful!

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Having been gifted a book called "The Spinster Book" written in 1901, it prompted (or provoked) me to write. Perhaps a more "modern" version of what's possible for being an independent, single, and self aware woman...and what it's been like for me.

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Pondering Crow

Nature speaks and sparks wonder.

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“The Procrastination Pit” by Forest Benedict, MA, SATP-C

Repeated decisions to save for tomorrow the responsibilities of today dug me deeper into the soil of shame. Before long, I peered up from a dark, depressing procrastination pit. The climb out felt impossible, like I planted myself deep in my own grave.

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Day 4 - Being a Leader, or what?

When I saw Katie’s drawing and painting of the flamenco dancer it took me back to the time when I was a flamenco dancer. I was totally, crazily immersed in it. Ever since, I have been fascinated by the movements, the ruffles, the bodies twisting and turning in most amazing, precise movements. Tremolo. Muscles tense, like an arrow shivering in the quiet between the call and the reply....

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How many more gifts and talents? Really?

This is the first piece from the Art Challenge. I painted deep into the night and finished it today.

I had really interesting conversations while painting. I always have the most amazing conversations when I paint. And, yes I admit, I always just brushed over them with 'no big deal!, everybody has this!'. This has been with me, ever since I remember!

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Day 5 - There is a Space I have Known Of

In this space, there is no shrinking back. It’s stepping up to more. Joyful embrace. Expanding. No judgment. Be more. Always more. Never stop. Move. Be so much more. The fire of inspiration. The breath of water. Earth on the rocks. Thrival. Total thrival.

How do I get to be this space? Really BE it? And, where am I so wound up in this reality?

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Birth of the Jungle Goddess

I started the painting in Costa Rica earlier this year.

She came out of the blue there on the mountain top where we were renting our vacation cabin. Mountain river gargling, rocks singing their song, birds, snakes and coyotes. Far up from the jungle of the tropics she came to visit.

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