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My Big Day

There's the "idea" of getting what you've always wanted and then there's what actually happens.....

Snippet from a group of monologues I am working on.

It was a fluke. Someone at the hospital where I work knew someone who knew someone who knew one of the directors on a soap opera and there was an auction and a fundraiser and the next thing I know I’m being offered a walk on part playing a nurse on the Emmy award winning show General Hospital.
It was my grandmothers favorite show and I’d watch it with her every afternoon when I was little. And though I’m totally embarrassed to admit it, I wanted to be on that show my entire life. I mean the Quartermanes and the Webers…like the Capulets and the Montegues….Classic!
So I did it! I put my best self forward and drove down to Prospect Studios in Hollywood and had my walk on part as a background nurse on GH….that’s what they call General Hospital on the set. And I had a Great time!!!  So imagine my overwhelming Glee when Gwen from casting offered to put me on their regular rotation. “
‘Yes…Yes. Thank you so much!”
I had no idea what that meant but I quickly googled it when I got to my car. They were going to bring me back!  And they did…. Over and over, over the next 3 months. And every time I would arrive on the set, the AD, that’s the assistant director, would say “Go do your nursy thing Megan.”
Which is not as easy as it looks. 
I have to perform my nursly duties, including paperwork, phones and charting, while making sure I am in no way blocking any of the principal actors from any of the 4 cameras that surround us while simultaneously having pretend silent conversations with other hospital staff members. And the silent part is super stressful because if you speak they will have to start the whole scene over because speaking means you’re no longer considered “background”, you are an Under 5.  And being an Under 5 is what all background and ambiance players long to be…because it means you have a Line. 
So when I got the call from Gwen in casting asking me if I was available for an under 5, I could barely contain my excitement! This was it....My big day!

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