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I wrote this poem in response to the prompt...bursting. Exploring the bursting of separation, the struggle with fitting in to this world, the confusion between realities, the confusion about what is true Love...if we even have any concept of it in this realm at all. Here is my poem "ONE"......(click read more)


Peace then ecstasy then gasping for breath

Extremes melting to one

Exploding then returning to the womb of existence

Everything is faster yet stops all at once

No time where we exist yet we are cut short

Life pales to muted shades unworthy of joy

Yet colors swirl as the world dances anew

Weak breath inspired to ignite richer life

A delicious recollection of who we are, who I AM

Hasn’t it all been illusion?

Yet has there ever been anything more real?

What we will always be is reality if only for a second

Yet time stood still

Is Love ending or a pulse that carries on?

Is Love starting or simply being acknowledged?

Sparkling threads of you throughout me

No place where I end and you begin

Oneness that has left me feeling alone and broken, alive and thriving

Riding the wave to new destinations

Striving for peace between dream and reality

New focus with clarity out of reach



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