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Pondering Crow

Nature speaks and sparks wonder.

Crossing the lawn this morning I heard a cawing crow. Looking up to see from where it came, I heard another as if in response. I wondered what they were saying with raucous jarring voices as I imagine beady gleaming eyes seeking treasure. Seeing all like shamans. do they bring messages from other times and future portents? Do they say Wake up and see beyond the veil of illusion implanted on us here? Do they wonder why we do not shapeshift and create more balance in our day? Their sound surely changes vibrations breaking through the idyllic dream where we are conditioned to see only one reality. So I wonder and ponder on my walk on the lawn never sighting these big black screechers.  Yet, when I look down, there by my feet, a large perfect black crow feather sits--a gifted omen! I smile and am grateful.

on my path
omen of change
time's gateway

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