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Trusting Own Voice

I am often bidden by my muses to explore my self, my thinking and life's magic through written expression. Defining my truly personal voice can be a challenge. Trusting that my unique voice and vision is of value is the trick to master. Understanding that everything is perspective, depending on one's vantage point is crucial knowledge to overcome the doubt and the tendency to compare one's creation and being with that of others. It gives permission to start where you are and accept that what you offer is true for you in this moment and therefore, worthy. No matter what anyone else says, the real critic lives within us and it is up to us to train it to be helpful rather than a block to our creative expression. This one I know well!

One Star Song is my first published work and represents my response to my own challenge in having faith in my own voice for my own sake. It was my call to face that critic and breathe courage to step out. The whole process was a metaphor for leaving a comfort zone, facing my own blocks, bucking the Yes But…and a sign and action to show myself that it is safe to express me. It has inspired me too to continue the journey, for I am not done yet!

It is there, inside

this sight without seeing,

his light from the eye upon the path.

Look not outside to find its source:

Your vision.

There are eyes seeking out dark corners;

eyes that pierce immense shadowy caverns;

wolf eyes with wilder views

eyes that fly wide and high, farseeing,

wisdom to gather;

the great eye of the moon

witness to feminine cycle;

soft, gentle hidden eyes of love protected,

the tearful eye

reflecting heart song

for the anawim, the lost , the little;

the eye to the woes of the world,

eyes of the past, present,

future movement gathering,


eyes out there

That mirror back:

You are not alone.

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