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A Quest for Greater Consciousness

In my quest for greater consciousness, there have been certain limitations that I've gotten to that I just didn't know "how" to get past.

Getting over all my insanity with money was a big one. I wanted to be willing to have more money, but I just didn't know "how".

Giving up always needing to be right? Of course that sounds great! But "how?"

Every time Gary Douglas says "It's not a how" I've wanted to cry.

But here's the thing. It's NOT a how. Not 1 how at least.

More relevant that how you will change it, it's THAT you can change it. And knowing that.... Choosing that.... Demanding that "whatever it takes this is changing", you will begin to uncover steps and questions you never knew existed.

It's not a how. It's a "that" you can.