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What would you change, if any change was truly possible? Join Blossom Benedict for a class filled with wonder, play, and joy all while changing your life and maybe even changing the world!

5 Days of Possibility & Change is a 5-day event made up of three classes where we will explore every topic in life including: money, health & bodies, relationships, and truly creating your life. If you’re willing, over these 5 days, you will receive tools that will start you on your journey to discovering who you truly are, how to be you with more ease, that you are not wrong or broken, and what else is possible.

This dynamic 5-day adventure starting September 26th will include all three Access Consciousness Core Classes: Access Bars, Access Foundation and Access Level 1.

So, it's up to you, if you could change many things in your life, what would you choose?

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The Bars

Your first day will be spent gifting and receiving at least two complete Access Bars® sessions. Bars is one of many wonderful Access Consciousness® body processes. The bars are 32 points of energy in and around your head that store the electromagnetic components of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything.

There are bars for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex and money;just to name a few. Each thought, idea, attitude, decision or belief that you have fixed in place solidifies the energy and limits your capacity to be generative in that area and to have something different show up in your life with ease. If you're truly ready for something new, this is a great place to start!

Foundation & Level 1

Once you've mastered Access Bars®, the real adventure begins. On day two, you'll receive tools you'll use for the rest of your life. With these tools, you'll be able to have greater clarity and pragmatic new approaches to deal with limitations in relationships, money, body, sex, and communication.

Here are a few more things you'll be able to do with your new tools...

  • Understand the sources of much of the mis-communication in your life, undo it, and instantly learn methods that work much better!
  • Get free forever of that “monkey mind” of chatter in your head that goes non-stop, drives you crazy and accomplishes nothing.
  • Learn at least two additional hands-on healing methods you can use without any prior training to heal yourself and others.

What are people saying?

"Blossom has talked a lot about the element of wonder, and she truly is that energy! For me, this creates an energetic environment that is enticing and juicy and a pleasure to play in. I am willing to go wherever I can to change something or create something when working with her. She is quick and funny and will laser in on something if it is wonky, all the while being an invitation to each person in the class to have and be more of them, and then more, and then more. I know that when I choose anything that Blossom is offering that it will be fun, feel like play and unearth profound awareness and change!" - Gabrielle Vena "Blossom is one of those incredibly rare people on this planet who invites you to step into everything you knew was possible for you. Her kindness, gentleness, and true caring is something to experience!" - Cynthia Torp “Before Access, my body hurt so badly that I wasn’t able to get out of bed without rolling off the bed. I couldn’t sit up. And after I had my first bars session in my first bars class, not only was I able to sit up on the massage table, but the pain was gone from my body. The big thing from my first Foundation/Level 1 was that I realized that there was nothing wrong with me. What’s different for me is I’ve found my voice, I’ve stepped out, I wrote and published 2 books in the last year, I travel around the world, I give classes, I have got money coming in from places that I would never imagine, I wake up in the morning and I’m happy, and I’m happy throughout the day and I spend my time with people who have my back who I adore who adore me and it’s amazing.” - Anne Maxwell “Access was the first thing that didn’t tell me I was wrong. Before my first Access class, my life was in a state of Limbo and I made a demand that something had to be different. I was working in TV and it was making me sick. What’s different now…everything. My body has changed, my finances have changed, my relationships have changes, so literally everything. I am on the outside the person I knew I was inside and I’m actually letting people see that now.” - Donielle Carter “I did Access Bars and that was the moment my life turned around. With Foundation & Level 1, I got that if I had created my life up to this point, what can I create from now? And it was this sense that I wasn’t wrong for anything, there was this sense of peace, this sense that there’s other people that are asking for more and everything that I thought was normal just started cracking away. The greatest thing for me was getting out of judgement of myself. Coming out of judgment of myself and looking at what would I like to create as my life?” - Brendon Watt “The more I played with these tools, the more I experimented, the more fabulous and fun the whole process was. Access allows for a new level of fun and a new level of joy and a new level of possibility to happen in my life and in the lives of the people that I interact with. It’s pretty amazing!” - Judy Tobey “Since Access Foundation/Level 1, I’m just different. I’m more capable of just being present with people without having to talk or without having to walk away and I just have this sense of peace in my life and I got the sense of possibility back in my life." - Dr. Andrew Gardella “Blossom is the greatest value in all of Access. Of all the classes, of all the facilitators, playing and growing with Blossom and the tools of Access has been the most fun I've had so far.” - Mikey deLara “I love the way Blossom facilitates, it feels so kind and nurturing, so any way or any topic I'm sure would be fantastic and something I'm interested in! She is such an invitation to change!” - Kim Lucien “I am creating for 5 theatre projects now, and I have never been so relaxed and have so much fun and ease. I am playing with the tools, asking questions every sec and my life is changed. So thank you so much, I am so grateful for this and for you!!!!!” - Sabine Snijders “This class was amazing and catapulted me into so much more space! Thank you, Blossom! You are an amazing creative being and facilitator! It was a true gift to be in this class!” - Bettina Madini “Blossom has this ability to be in total allowance of whatever you are choosing and holds the space for you to choose more. How does it get better than that?!” - Shirley Fieber “I have taken numerous classes with Blossom. She has an amazing energy of laughter, joy and fun. And I have received awesome change and expansion when she is facilitating a class. She is a brilliant facilitator. Thanks Blossom!” - Pattie Curry “Blossom has a way of handling the energy and facilitating individuals with laser sharp awareness. Her genuine interest in assisting someone to "walk thru to the other side" is inspiring, and quite frankly seems effortless. Very grateful indeed.” - Jennifer Tuton “Blossom has a kindness, honesty and openness that is so special. This combined with her insights, her sense of humor make her a facilitator whose awareness works as a sharp sword with a sweet edge.” - Kalpana Raghuraman

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September 26-30 New York City

Studio Arte
265 West 37th Street, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10018
5 Days of Possibility & Change
Host Details
Karlina van der Weij
(604) 987-7271

Meredith Locher
(310) 597-1157

Megan Hill
(708) 275-4040

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  • Blossom is truly an invitation to something different!
    - Eric Barranco -
  • Blossom is a master at asking the questions to bring up the energy wanting to be cleared and released. My body feels lighter and moves easier as a result of the tele calls and clearing statements. Thank -you Blossom!
    - Gigi Houske -
  • Hi Blossom, I am a new woman this week! I am seeing who I am, really for the first time. Thanks for such a fabulous session!
    - Julia Sotas -
  • This Lady is amazing. Personally I have noticed huge changes in myself after taking her classes. My need for validation from others has almost ceased to exist, I have more ease promoting my art, my singing voice is freer and I'm more willing to be seen and heard. I have achieved more freedom in my range and in my confidence with one three day class than I had with 13 years of vocal coaching. How does it get even better than that? What else is possible? If you get the chance I highly recommend her classes. She is so much fun and so very kind in an area most people find terrifying.
    - Simone Padur -
  • Blossom’s classes are like an appearance of a gentle conversation and a few fun exercises but thrumming beneath is a potency that if chosen can change everything. As she plays around morphing her self into what ever is required of her you will be drawn to play along. In short, this class is everything you choose it to be.
    - Cassy Srepel -
    - Stephen Outram -
  • The awareness I received from sitting in on the class and the tools Blossom shared gave me the confidence to speak up in meetings at work and be seen for the first time in my career. This was at a time when everyone was getting laid off and in fear of losing their job. The potency and confidence that I embodied after this class resulted in a promotion and a 35% raise. That is not supposed to be possible. Thanks to Blossom and her unique way of facilitating I finally became confident enough to actually use my voice. What else is possible?
    - Megan Hill -
  • Fantastic learning from you. You're pretty ridiculous - I'm fairly certain that the "ripple effects" from the event have shifted the trajectory of my life and business :) Totally grateful that we met and I'm curious to see how much more magic you'll create in the world. Thank you for the passion, the style, the brilliance and the immense beauty you radiated.
    - George Ira Carol -
  • Blossom is one of those incredibly rare people on this planet who invites you to step into everything you knew was possible for you. Her kindness, gentleness, and true caring is something to experience!
    - Cynthia Torp -
  • This class was so much fun. At first I was nervous as I knew I was going to sing in front of people and all my life I've being judged for having not a pretty voice.... and then when it was my turn Blossom made it so easy for me to play with it... the seriousness of a class disappeared and I was just playing and singing with my friends. No one was judging me or my voice and the kindness and playfulness that Blossom gifted every one of the participants made this class a wonderful experience for me.
    - Claudia Cano -