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    Beyond The Fantasy

    6 Part Series - 18 downloads This is a six-part teleseries with Blossom Benedict. This series will provide the tools and information to help you have more choice in the wild world of relationship. Add to Cart
    Tags: Creating a Delicious Relationship in a Whole New Way

    What do you desire beyond the fantasy or what someone told you marriage or relationship is?
    ~ Blossom Benedict

    From single, to dating, to married (gulp), over the past five years there has been a great deal I have had to look at, wrestle with, put into play, fail at, and choose again. 

    The Access Consciousness tools are incredible when it comes to creating truly anything you desire. They are truly beautiful in the peace, freedom and possibility they offer in the area of relationship (or no relationship, or many relationships, or anything else you choose). 

    I would love to share with you the tools I played with, the awareness I gleaned and the possibility truly available in having, or not having, someone in your life.  

    If you are ready to look honestly and vulnerably and bravely at this topic, I think you will find that you can create whatever it is that you desire.

    Join Blossom for a 6-Part intensive Series exploring the questions, tools, clearings and choices that can begin unlocking your the mystery of relationship for you.

    We will be exploring:

    Getting clear on what you truly desire

    ~ Clearing your points of view about relationship, being single and marriage

    ~ Deal & deliver (yes, your sweet relationship is a business deal)

    ~ Elements of Intimacy (becoming the person of your dreams)

    ~ Manipulation (may be reserved for an advanced series.)

    ~ Elements of a Conscious Relationship (may be reserved for an advanced series. Man we’ve got a lot to talk about!)

    ~ And whatever it is that you bring to the table you desire to have ease with

    Course Includes:

    6 - 90 minute MP3 Recordings of Calls

    6 - MP3 recorded Clearing Loops

    6 - PDFs of Written Clearings

    What Others Are Saying:

    "Blossom is one of the greatest invitations to consciousness I know" Stephen QLD


    omg!! wow! wow!...your call is so beyond amazing, Blossom!...thank you so much for sharing this with us!...thank you for the gift of Youl!...offering you a beautiful bouquet of gratitude!!!....smiles, Carolyn


    Since Blossom's class I've kind of exploded!  I am having more fun, more ease with relationships, business is taking off- I created an event that is in more demand than I can meet ! Laurie, CO

    "Fantastic learning from you! You're pretty ridiculous - I'm fairly certain that the 'ripple effects' from the event have shifted the trajectory of my life and business forever :)" George, Arizona


    "Thank you again Blossom for the amazing class in Seattle. I think my invisibility shield is down. I had more people strike up conversations with me as I traveled home than in just about all my previous life travel combined. My husband is noticing a big change in my looks and energy. You and the class created so much space for me to choose to step into more of me that taking the leap was way more easeful than I could have imagined." Kristen WA


    What an incredible gift to witness the joy of discovering its enough to just "BE" !!! SOOOO much gratitude for Blossom, facilitator extraordinaire, for making it so FUN and EXPANSIVE!!!!! Karolyn, Seattle


    I have been using the tools non-stop since our classes and am seeing some really cool results!  Jerry and I definitely came home as different people.  It is just amazing!  There has been way more peace in our home!  You know things have changed when you expect one reaction to a situation and you get something unexpectedly different/better!  How does it get even better than that!  Thank you again for being you and sharing these tools with us!  This is what I've been looking for my whole life!  I love this stuff, I am so spacious right now! Christina, Chicago

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