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    Ending the War with Your Body - Part 2

    3 Part Bonus Series - 9 downloads This is a three-part bonus teleseminar with Blossom Benedict. The seminar will provide the tools and information to change your relationship with your body forever. Add to Cart
    Tags: Body, Diet, Health, Weight

    Blossom had been diagnosed with a number of "incurable" diseases and uses these amazing tools to shift her health and relationship with her body dramatically. She has created this six week teleseminar to share how to create more ease and joy with your body, and how to work with your body instead of against it to create the life, living and health you desire.

    Those joining the series live received so much that on the 6th call (of Part 1), they requested more! So, we added 3 more calls and are now offering them to you as Part 2.

    This series is a great opportunity to learn from someone who has transformed her own health and relationship with her body using these amazing tools and techniques.

    The teleseminar was requested by World Puja Network listeners after hearing her Ending the War With Your Body show which aired on April 17th on the One World Puja Network, ( Blossom shares what she knows about how decisions or conclusions you have about your body can lock-in disease and weight issues, how to remove obstacles to creating a healthy body, how to stop judgment from destroying your relationship with your body, how to have the joyful, ease-filled body you know is possible, and much more.


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