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    Greater Than Yesterday Cards

    A beautiful deck of 50 inspirational cards with 8 different quotes. Remind people of their greatness and point them towards the film Greater Than Yesterday to learn more about the tools of Access ConsciousnessĀ®... and their own beauty and gifts! Add to Cart
    Tags: Inspirational Card Deck
    Are you looking for a simple way to explain Access Consciousness tools to others?

    Do you desire to to spread inspiration and possibility throughout the world?

    Or maybe to give yourself a daily reminder of what you can choose?

    Blossom Benedict’s film Greater Than Yesterday is a beautiful invitation to people stepping out of their stories and into creating a life they love.

    It's also a gentle and easy to invitation calling people explore further the dynamic tools of Access Consciousness.

    And now…

    We have a beautiful way to invite people to watching it. Greater Than Yesterday Inspirational Cards!

    These beautiful square cards come in a deck of 50 and have 8 different quotes on them along with the url to enjoy the free 30 minute film.  Quotes include: 

    • Who if, you being you was enough?
    • What if you knew how truly great you are? 
    • Would you like total freedom with everything? 
    • What if you had no judgment of you?
    • Do you see the gift you are?
    • What if you knew that every moment of your life so far was contributing to the greatness of you and the gift you came here to be? 
    • If you knew how great you truly were… what would you choose?
    • What if everything you’ve ever thought was wrong with you was a greatness in disguise? 

    You can:
    • Give them to clients as a reminder of their greatness. 
    • Hand them out to participants of your bars classes or intro talks.
    • Pass them out at expos.
    • Hand them the stranger sitting next to you on a plane who asks “what do you do?”
    • Leave one on the windshield of a car with a driver who looked to be having a bad day.
    • Ask them to contribute to bringing you clients!

    Hand them out individually, gift people little bundles of 8, or select a few messages you think are the most fitting for anyone you encounter.

    What contribution can Greater Than Yesterday Inspirational cards be to your life and your business? 

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FREE FILM: Watch Today... and pass it on!


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