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    Advanced RVFY/Facilitator Training Copenhagen 2014

    Online Video Class "It's not about the stage, it's about your life. Life is the stage." This class is about being an authority in every area of you life. Prepares you to facilitate classes & to be the phenomenal potency you can truly be in the world! Add to Cart

    Advanced RVFY/Facilitators Class- 3 Days with Gary Douglas and Blossom Benedict

    Are you interested in facilitating others to find their own voice in the world?

    Would you love to be more of an empowering figure in the world and/or to facilitate others to be an authentic presence?

    This is an online, livestream version of a 3 day class conducted in Copenhagen June 23-25, 2014. Upon completion of payment, you will be enabled to watch the full class via AccessTV and you will receive links to all audio recordings of class.

    PRE-REQUISITE:  Any 2 day RVFY Workshop and through Level 2/3 of Access.

    This Facilitator Training is the second part of 5.5 days.  The first 2.5 days of this class is recommended to prepare you for this Advanced RVFY/Facilitator Training, but any 2 or 2.5 day RVFY will suffice as a prerequisite.   

    This 3 day Right Voice For You Training will give you tools to step into an ease with finding your own voice and easy tools to facilitate others into stepping into the potency they truly be as well.

    These days will be focused on you stepping into the ease and joy of being the totality of you in front of others.

    What if all that was required to be a great facilitator was to really stay in the question, be interesting point of view and create space for others to change?

    What do you know that would be a gift to the world? What is keeping you from stepping up into facilitating Right Voice For You or any other topic you desire to share?

    This class will include a Q&A about what facilitating is, specific tools for how to facilitate a Right Voice Intro, and will also include a great deal of hands on practice facilitation.

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    • 1 hour with Blossom Benedict

    Ready for change now?

    Please contact Blossom to schedule at Blossom takes 1:1 phone clients on a very limited basis.

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