Yvonne Rozier
Since starting Access Consciousness classes almost 2 years ago I have felt like a kid in a lolly shop. I've thoroughly enjoyed every class and got phenomenal change and expanded exponentially. The time came for me to do your class "Right Voice For You" in Wellington, New Zealand. The only difference was, I did not want to do this class. It was the one area that I felt would expose me the most. I also thought it would be boring and I'd have to sit through listening to people who mostly wanted to sing. Wow. That was so not the case. Through doing this class Blossom I have "found my voice". I recognised a pattern that I had in life which was "I go from one extreme to the other". I didn't recognise that I also did that with what I was saying. I'd beat around the bush and say all sorts of stuff except what I actually meant. Now what I want to say is "just there". Not only that,  so many thought patterns from the past are now unraveling. I can see clearly where I have been limiting myself and I am now able to express myself with so much ease, clarity and freedom. YOU  ARE  ONE  MAGICAL  LADY  BLOSSOM! THANK  YOU!  I  WILL  NEVER   FORGET  WHAT  YOU  HAVE  MADE  AVAILABLE  TO  ME So much gratitude