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“Your name is a verb. It means to open. To unfold. To grow. You are not Blossom the flower. Remember that. Choose that. Your name is a verb.”

My dad wasn’t exactly full of great fatherly advice… which may be exactly what seared these words into my brain when he said them. He was encouraging me to not become something pretty and stagnant in this life. Instead to always reach and expand.

I guess I’d say I’ve always been a seeker. Always been looking to be more connected and guided and creatively filled up.

It’s not a straight forward path. You read enough self help books and you will start to see that there is someone who will recommend you do just about everything. Give up on emotion. Feel your way through emotion. Get clear on how you want your life to unfold. Surrender to a power greater than yourself. Focus on the gloriousness. Be present with the wretchedness.

There is a lot of conflicting advice.

Some pieces seem true sometimes, but not always. Others for some people, but maybe not you. And sometimes, it appears, two conflicting ideas are completely true at the very same time.

The only way I have found to sift through any of it is to tap into my own internal knowing, and trust myself along the way.

Sometimes I fuck it up. Sometimes I am wrong. Sometimes I just need more time. And sometimes I discover how shimmery and brave and connected I truly am.

My journey has had many phases.

For many years I was most interested in how I could create a beautiful and abundant life. I created a big business, a great relationship, ease with money and a beautiful home.

Right now I’m most interested in connecting to the divine. In surrendering and listening. In being a greater light in the world and of quieting the “me-ness” of it all.

On this site I share what I’m exploring. What feels true for me. What is useful. What lights me up. And what I am learning along the way.

This site isn’t filled with “10 steps to” or answers or platitudes or even much advice. It’s filled with wonderings and gratitude and struggling with the unknown.

I don’t know that it’s our jobs to neatly figure it all out.

I think our job is to make sure we are verbs. To always be becoming.

To never turn into a noun.


About This Site

So much has changed about me since I first went to create this site.

You may find it a bit odd.

Presently, there is nothing to buy. There is nothing to attend.

There isn’t even any magical prize to cajole you into joining my mailing list (though if you do, you may rather enjoy my occasional love letters in your inbox).

Right now, there is just me and my musings.

My hope is on days when you feel strange, or alone, or you just desire a new idea to carry you throughout the day, you will be glad it is here.

It brings me joy to write and speak.  And so I do.


Media Bio

Blossom Benedict is an ardent blogger, coach and speaker who spends her life diving deeply into what it takes to live a more present, authentic and joyful life. 

Blossom is dedicated to the idea that in order to change the violence, judgment and conflict in the world, we must each first change it within ourself. This mammoth task she takes up in her own life with honesty and vigor.

Blossom’s life has given her plenty of material to work with: a homeless father, family alcoholism, a childhood on a commune, a history of illness are just some of the stories that show up throughout her ongoing quest to live a more conscious, present, authentic, life giving existence.

Believing that anyone can give advice, Blossom’s approach is to seek to create change in her own life, and then share the vulnerable, uncomfortable, messy but often times surprisingly magical awarenesses that bubble up along the way.

Quite comfortable in front of the camera, Blossom has been featured on The Morning Show, Ask Men, Deborah Hutton, San Diego News and is a guest blogger for Maria Shriver. Blossom had her own radio show The Lightness of Change for two years, on World Puja & Healthy Life. Her short film Greater Than Yesterday was translated into 12 languages and is available here.

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