Changing Hate & Violence on the Planet Starts From Within

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I received a question yesterday about animal cruelty from a woman who said these horrible photos she was sent made her want to kill.

She asked what questions I asked when the dear rhino orphan babies I cared about were attacked.

This video is not a full answer, because I don’t have one.

This is a question I am very much exploring myself… “what can we be in the face of darkness that creates more light?”

But I will share with you one thing that I do know to be true.

And that is that I must first always start with myself.

If killing makes me want to kill…
Or racism makes me hate racists…

Then there are places and spaces that I could shift within me that would do more good in the world than waving a flag or sounding a horn.

Perhaps once we have eradicated that darkness within ourselves, bringing light into the world will be as simple as being?

At least today, that is where I am starting for me.

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