Consciousness Includes Everything. What About God?

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The first time I was introduced to the tool “heavy and light” I was shaken.

No one had ever told me that I knew before.

That I knew what my body required. That I knew what choices to make to create the life I desire.

And that I even knew, somewhere, underneath all the programming and “shouldn’t and shoulds”, who or what god was, and what was true about how things in the universe worked.

Access Consciousness is not a religion. Far from it.

Access Consciousness is a set of tools you can use to peel away all the beliefs that never belonged to you so that you can find what is true for you in any area, including religion.

What do you know about god (universe, spirit, oneness)?

What beliefs have you adopted that keep you more separate from that energy than close to it?

What if you could step out of everything you have been taught or told, clear all the damaging beliefs, and start looking to the lightness that remains at the end?

What if that is what you know?

What if that is what is true for you?

And what if, within that energy, you could be more supported and held and contributed to than you ever imagined possible?

Access Consciousness does not exclude god. If you have felt like you are in the closet about both loving access tools and also loving god… this exploration may be for you.

Join me along with special guest Katie Rubin for a funny and candid Cocktails & Consciousness about God and Spirituality and oneness and the quest to find them all.

Is it time to create a judgment free world?

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Ohhhh… and I have a GREAT wonderful, delicious follow up to this conversation that didn’t quite make it into the episode.

Stephanie talks about the Garden of Eden and the birth of polarity and Katie pretty much sums up the energy of the main world religions in a moment of laughter. Check it out!

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