Different Not Less: Autism, Aspergers & Your Difference

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I don’t think a conversation has made me cry more times while filming it.

This Cocktails & Consciousness is about Autism and Aspergers and kids with labels… sort of.

But it is really about anything that makes you different that you wish to hide or have ever been made wrong for (or that you make yourself wrong for).

What if what you think is such a wrongness about you is truly a strongness about you?

My mom called me after the show aired and said:

“Wow…what a show tonight! I had a big personal aha. I’ve always said I can see the picture of the school when writing the budget or school or accounting or math in a big picture not in a traditional way. And seeing the picture of where the future is heading and sharing that..which is sometimes not appreciated at school. It’s making me tear up.”

Join Diva Diaz (who was diagnosed with Aspergers as an adult), Anne Maxwell (LCSW, RPT-S & author of Would You Teach A Fish to Climb A Tree) and myself for a touching conversation about capacities that may not fit the norm.

To find out more about Diva and her x-men classes visit her site.

To work with Anne visit her site.

To find all the replays of Cocktails & Consciousness visit cocktailsandconsciousness.com.

And to acknowledge the awesomeness of you… choose it.

Cheering you on. See you next week!

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