Dysfunctional Family Moments

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I don’t know about you, but I find it kinda easy to use all these tools I talk about in my life when things are going great.

Sure! I can ask “how does it get better? Easy! Why not!”

But it’s when the shit hits the fan or things get super rough that I am the most grateful for them. And also that it requires the most tenacity to be really vulnerable, to not react, the have my own back.

This weeks Cocktails & Consciousness we are talking about those extra tough, sometimes dysfunctional family moments….

And how to handle them with as much grace and ease as humanly available.

Luckily… it didn’t really take a lot of searching to find awesome guests for this show.

Glenna Rica and Allana Pratt are two good friends and dynamic coach/facilitators who have been through some CRAZY rough divorce, custody, sibling, parent insanity of their own.

So we poured some wine (or tea in my sniffly nosed case) for a candid chat about the choices you have available when things get rough.

* WARNING: This show contains adult language with more than one or two f-bombs.

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